WATCH SAFES Underwood London Sixteen Module Unit Watch Winder 70011/20

The watch winders from Underwood London, which was established in Italy in 1926, impress with their high-quality workmanship using only the finest materials such as Italian genuine leather and solid wood. The "heart" of these watch winders comes from Swiss company Maxon, in the form of exceptionally quiet and extremely reliable motors. The individually programmable modules can be operated by mains cable or battery.

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model:Sixteen Module Unit Watch Winder 70011/20
colleciton:Underwood London
movement: -
case: -
dial: -
Glass: -
Chain/Strap: -
case back: -
diameter:0 mm without crown
Water resistance:0 ATM
warranty:24 months, stamped warranty card, all papers and certificates included

The Underwood Safe uses 50mm (ca. 2 inches) armour steel plate for all of the sides, whereas the actual door uses 70mm (2.75 inches) of the same steel. Our Italian supplier advises that using this information it should be possible to confirm that an equivalent TL rating for the type of construction we are using would be a TL rating ca. TL-60 (about 1 Hour).Welded across the inside of both walls are also a series of steel rods, welded in parallel on the inside.This is so that if the walls are cut from the outside, then the cut section cannot be removed without actually cutting through the rods as well. There are also a series of shorter rods welded inside attaching the outside and internal steel walls to each other. The space between the walls is filled with cement, this adds weight to the safe and solidifies the whole construction. The safe is also fire resistant, and generally though we can say that it is definitely fire resistant to 30 minutes. LOCK SYSTEMS The safe is locked by way of triple expansion bar rods, using a key system Double Mapp A8. The key lock is manufactured by the reputable German company "Stuv".The combination lock system is manufactured by an internationally known American company called "Sargent and Greenleaf" . The combination lock is a co-axial mounted triple disc system, the use of 3 wheels allows for the total of over 1,000,000 different possible combinations. This lock type also features an internal integral "relock" trigger, which thwarts punch attacks. 
To a certain extent the finishing can be customised, for example the exterior can be lacquered in a colour chosen by the client using either the RAL or Pantone colour code system, or covered by cow high leather and the leather trimmings inside can be done to match the exterior colour. 

This unit is fitted with 16 Underwood Watch Winding uodules, powered externally by way of a single transformer.
Three additional spacious drawers provide ample storage space for additional watches and jewellery items. The internal configuration and external finishing can be modified according to the clients specifications.
The Underwood Safe 16 watch winders
Art. Code: UN/851
Weight: ca. 350kgs. (770lbs)
External Dimensions: ca. H100 x W60 x D60 cms.
(H39.4 x W24 x D24 inches)
Internal Dimensions: ca. H90 x W50 x D42 cms.
(H35.5 x W19.7 x D16.5 inches)



• Watch Winder Safe for 16 watches
• High quality housing made of fine italian leather
• High-quality clasp system for watches with leather & steel bracelets
• LED battery condition indicator
• Additional Space for valuable goods in three drawers


• Standard interval: alternating rotation of 30 mins to the right and 30 mins to the left, followed by a 3-hour resting phase.
• Mains power operation (AC adapter supplied)
• Battery operated (batteries not supplied - Battery lieftime approximately 12 month)
• Modules individually programmable
• Dimensions inside: 90 x 50 x 42 cm
• Dimensions outside: 100 x 60 x 60 cm
• Weight: 350 kg

Alternatively, the individual modules can be programmed as required by means of a tool developed by Underwood (available in the shop). This tool can be used to select a rotation to the left, to the right or alternating rotations. The number of rotations per day varies between 600 and 3600. For programming, simply connect the watch winder to the tool by means of a USB.  

Depicted watches are not included in delivery 



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