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This internet site is intended as a virtual expression of our activities as an authorized importer, distributor or reseller of the majority of the brands we represent and bring to your attention.

As a distributor our partner is the retail watch and jewellery business - watch boutiques and online businesses. For them we have developed a partner programme including the best possible reseller margins, expedited delivery and tailored inventory financing solutions.

We work closely with retail partners throughout the region and try to do our best to provide excellent service in the shops. You might find it very useful before making your choice to carefully study the websites of the producers (listed below). We will gladly deliver to you every model currently in production, even if not specifically listed on our website. Most of our orders seem to require dialogues before they are placed so please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

In most cases we are able to offer prices that may even exceeded your expectations, just ask ... (support@swisstime.co | +359.87.8661586)

Our background is in technical products rather than jewellery. The watches we offer though are not only of the functional or instrument type. We also sell many interesting dress or diamond models. We mainly offer MECHANICAL WATCHES. The variety of character and application would include: PILOT WATCHES, DIVER WATCHES, CHRONOGRAPH WATCHES, POCKET WATCHES, GRAND COMPLICATIONS, TOURBILLON WATCHES, SKELETON WATCHES, JEWELLERY WATCHES ETC.

All our brands were carefully selected and provide excellent value for money at their respective price levels. Some of them like LOUIS MOINET, GLYCINE, ZENO-WATCH BASEL, REVUE THOMMEN are Swiss made while others like JACQUES ETOILE, TEMPTION, SCHAUMBURG WATCH come from Germany. We also proudly offer brands that excellently blend italian design with swiss mechanical tradition like: U-BOAT, SQUALE, TERRA CIELO MARE.  

Unlike the high profile brands, where so often the brand is more important than the watch, these brands spend little on promoting brand awareness. This is reflected in the value they provide.

Most of our brands are well known to watch enthusiasts. Choosing a watch from outside the mainstream can be very rewarding in respect of value, quality and design.


ZENO-WATCH BASEL - a vibrant example of the beauty of watch creation

LOUIS MOINET - high-end futuristic timepieces, limited edition mechanical art

GLYCINE - 100-year tradition of excellence in the art of watchmaking - WWW.GLYCINE.CH

REVUE THOMMEN - tradition and technology timepieces since 1853

EPOS - pure artistry in watchmaking, variety of styles and complications

SQUALE - professional diver watches - tradition, passion and integrity

TEMPTION - handcrafted individual masterpieces for individualist watch lovers

SCHAUMBURG WATCH - a true passion for creation of watchmaking brilliance

JACQUES ETOILE / MERCURE - top quality handcrafted classics in watchmaking

LIMES / ARCHIMEDE / AUTRAN & VIALA - stylish, traditional and reasonable

KronSegler Glashütte - tradition and reliable modernity in handshake

and many others...


Business field: 

Distribution of watches and horological products, creation and design of alternative watch marketing concepts

Strategic Vision: 

To surpass the expectations and desires of our customers in service, quality and innovation

The philosophy: 

To provide affordable access to the most valuable and yet cost efficient products of the watch industry for the intelligent and sophisticated public, passing forward the passion of creation

SwissTime.co is a virtual marketing concept.  

Please note that the offers on the website are strictly indicative, they do not bind the parties to the rules of distance (online) trading and are only an auxiliary means for concluding standard (offline) transactions for the supply of items mutually approved by a supplier and recipient, which may differ from the buyer and the seller. The company which owns the website, manages the content and makes deliveries with the help of international logistics operators, is not a local economic entity and does not carry out commercial activities in the EU.

Website ownership, content management, products and services distribution:

WUG, Inc., Suite 606, 1220 North Market St, Wilmington DE 19801, USA

(non-EU commercial agent supplying through international logistics operators)



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